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Midlands Therapeutics Review & Advisory Committee 

Independent review of medicines for primary care

MTRAC is an independent professional committee of prescribers and other key decision-makers in the use of medicines in primary care in the West Midlands region. 

The purpose of the Committee is to review selected pharmaceutical products to assess their clinical value, safety and suitability for use in primary care,  and to support appropriate prescribing. The Committee also provides support to commissioners, by addressing the financial implications of the use of new drugs and practical issues affecting decisions on commissioning, in addition to the clinical evidence for efficacy and safety. Specific questions that are relevant for commissioning decisions concerning individual drugs or drug classes, such as emerging concerns about safety, are also addressed.

The membership of the Committee and process for review are described in the MTRAC Constitution.

The opinions and recommendations of the Committee, and the evidence considered in the reviews, are described in our Commissioning Support documents and Summary Sheets. When use with a shared care agreement is recommended for a particular drug, a template ESCA (Effective Shared Care Agreement) is provided that can be modified for local use. 

The latest activities of MTRAC are listed on the latest news page. Viewers can also register to receive an electronic bulletin listing latest MTRAC activities with links to new commissioning support sheets.