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Prescribing Analysis


You have access to the data but do you have the time or resources to make the best use of it?  The Centre for Medicines Optimisation has nearly twenty years experience in providing prescribing data analysis to the NHS.

Most CCGs have the need for similar information, especially when it comes to monitoring national indicators on the QIPP agenda, or when looking at general prescribing issues such as prescribing to budget.  We have a wealth of experience in producing this type of analysis, in fact, the chances are that we already produce something similar to what you need, so it could be more cost effective to commission our services.

Bespoke Reporting

We can also produce bespoke reports that may be helpful for such things as incentive schemes, formulary compliance or monitoring local prescribing indicators.  We can provide CCG summaries, practice comparisons and even individual practice reports in a variety of electronic formats, from Adobe PDF to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Example Materials

Please contact us for examples of past work or to discuss your individual requirements.