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Analysis of your QOF achievement

What is QMAS / QOF?

QMAS is a national IT system for England that has been developed to support the QOF detailed in the General Medical Services (GMS) contract.  It is designed to give GP practices and CCGs objective evidence and feedback on the quality of care delivered to patients. The system shows how well each practice is doing, measured against national achievement targets detailed in the GMS contract, which sets out the way GPs work and the way they are financially rewarded.

QMAS allows GP practices to analyse the data they collect on the number of services and the quality of care they deliver, such as chronic disease management and practice organisation.

QOF is intended to benefit both patients and the NHS. For example, CCGs may see fewer avoidable hospital admissions through improved chronic disease management.

The QOF measures achievement against a scorecard of indicators, plus a measure of depth of care. Practices score points on the basis of achievement against each indicator, up to a maximum of 1,000 points.  Further details about specific registers and indicators are available here.

What can the Centre for Medicines Optimisation do for you?

We can provide you with detailed analysis of your QOF data for the key QOF indicators, comparing indicator achievement and prevalence with prescribing where appropriate, enabling you to identify where you need to concentrate resources.

We have two standard formats for presenting the analysis, a standard text report in PDF format and a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation containing all of the graphs from the report.  You can add or remove slides to meet your local needs when visiting practices.  Alternative formats or analysis can also be undertaken.

Please contact us for examples of past work or to discuss your individual requirements.