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Critical Appraisals



Stemming from our work with MTRAC, the team of writers at Keele has long-standing experience in the production of evidence appraisals to support decision-making around medicines, and rapid evidence reviews to keep readers up to date with the latest developments. Our KINEs (Keele Important News and Evidence Service) is available to our Subscriber CCGs (available after CCG log on) and Healthcare professionals working in organisations that use Optum ScriptSwitch™.

We can also be commissioned  to produce evidence reviews with levels of detail tailored to the needs of the client from a 2-page rapid summary to a full review with background context and detailed evidence description.  With our expertise in prescribing data analyses, these reviews can be augmented with appropriate and relevant data to give the complete picture; for example, to estimate the potential financial impact of the entry of a new drug or change of indication, or to look at current prescribing and/or admissions relating to a specific therapeutic area.