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Prescribing Information to Support QIPP


In November 2010 we published our first Prescribing Information to Support QIPP report for PCTs (as was) in the West Midlands, collating key messages and prescribing/admissions data around the 15 medicines optimisation options identified by the National Prescribing Centre (now a part of NICE). 

The report is published annually, tailored to the particular needs of our Subscriber CCGs.  

Please e-mail us if you are interested in commissioning Keele to produce a similar report for your CCG or PCN.

Introduction to the 2018 QIPP report

Welcome to the latest ‘Prescribing Information to Support QIPP’ report, a compendium of information and data that may help highlight some prescribing-related QIPP opportunities. We hope this information will be helpful to our CCGs when developing their medicines optimisation priorities for the coming year.

The topics covered in this document are broadly based on NICE’s list of Key Therapeutic Topics (see We have selected only those KTTs where Keele has access to relevant data (i.e. PACT prescribing data, QOF data [used to provide information on disease registers], and other associated healthcare data).

Alongside any national indicators supporting these KTTs, we have considered other data that may be of interest to medicines optimisation teams for review, for example, comparative data on rates of prescribing or spend in particular therapeutic areas or classes of drugs.  

Where comparative data are provided, Subscriber CCGs are compared to their 10 most demographically similar CCGs in England. These are as listed in the NHS RightCare ‘Where to Look packs’ that were published January 2017 (see

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