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Committee Recommendations 

After the committee has reviewed a product Commissioning Support and Summary Sheets are made available.  From July 2014, access to the full text is restricted to Subscriber CCGs for the first three months following publication with an excerpt available for public view. Following the three month restricted period, the guidance will be publicly available.

When accessing the materials please note: 

  • Pre September 2005: Two factsheets were produced a Verdict sheet and a longer Summary Sheet.  Please access both.
  • September 2005 to December 2010: Verdict labelling changed in September 2005 replacing the requirement for the Summary Sheet
  • Post December 2010: Guidance issued as Commissioning Support Summary Sheets, "Considerations for Commissioners" or "On the Horizon" guidance

When use with a shared care agreement is recommended for a particular drug, a template ESCA (Effective Shared Care Agreement) is provided that can be modified for local use. 

All MTRAC guidance sheets are reviewed five years after the date of publication and the content either agreed as still current, or listed for update or Archiving.

Those products that the Committee considers to be well established in practice with no further need to review are 'Archived' - an an Archive label is added to the guidance file and the information is no longer kept current.  Please be aware that the information in Archive labelled guidance may be out of date.

To request an update of a guidance sheet, please contact, stating the reason for the request.

To request a static weblink please contact

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