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Good Practice Day: Type-2 Diabetes

27th April, 2016

Birmingham NMC

The topic for this good practice day will be Type-2 Diabetes. 

We will be joined by Dr Ian Lewin, Martin Duerdin and Andy Hutchinson, who will be conducting an interactive session using a quiz and answers to facilitate discussions about the implications of the new NICE Guideline on type 2 diabetes.

Andy will also facilitate a discussion using the Patient Decision Aid that accompanies the NICE guidance.

In the afternoon, Dr Andrew Askey and Bharat Patel will run an interactive session discussing their experience of using educational outreach to implement best practice in type 2 diabetes. This will also include their use of EMIS protocols to prompt clinicians as well as examples of local improvement schemes.

Jonathan Underhill will close the day with an action planning session.

This is a free event for healthcare professionals associated with CCGs subscribing to the Keele Prescribing Support Service. These CCGs are Birmingham Cross City, Birmingham South Central, Dudley,Herefordshire, Sandwell and West Birmingham, Shropshire, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

The agenda for the day can be downloaded here.

Presentations are available to download:

Bharat Patel: The IMPACT educational outreach programme

Andrew Askey: Diabetes: QI and medicines optimisation in primary care

Andy Hutchinson: Patient Decision Aid to support presentation

Dr Martin Duerden: Type-2 diabetes: The new guideline - NG28

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