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2014 Work Programme for Subscriber CCGs

Listed below are the planned 2014 outputs for subscriber CCGs from the Centre for Medicines Optimisation at Keele. All of these reports can be accessed when logged-in to this website. Some materials are also available through our open-access pages.

For further details of MTRAC work please see the latest news page for MTRAC.

Actions for Commissioning Teams (ACTs):

  • Educational outreach packs to help practice teams deliver messages on key medicines optimisation issues to healthcare professionals.¬†
  • Topics produced in 2012: Avoiding Hospital Admissions Due to Medication, COPD, Stable Angina and Hypertension
  • Topics produced in 2013: Pain Management, Laxatives, Antibiotics
  • Topics produced in 2014: COPD and Diabetes
  • Topics currently being written: Atrial fibrillation, with a focus on NOACs
  • Topics currently planned for the future: Please let us know what topics would be of interest
  • Selected components of recent updates can be accessed here.
  • Produced four times per year.

    Monthly Script:

    • Educational updates for medicines optimisation teams and primary care prescribers, summarising recent developments in major areas of prescribing in primary care. ¬†Updates to national guidance, safety alerts, new evidence and news items are interpreted and presented in a short newsletter.
    • Recent updates can be accessed here.
    • Published monthly.

      Good Practice Prescribing Review Reports:

      • Practice level analysis of a range of key prescribing indicators.
      • Published monthly.

        Prescribing Information to Support QIPP:

        • A review of prescribing activity in the West Midlands focussing on the key QIPP medicines management topics identified by the NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre. ¬†Summaries of key issues and actions are also provided, together with related QOF data, analyses of secondary care prescribing and hospital admissions.
        • Published annually

          Finance and General Prescribing Reports:

          • General prescribing and financial overviews for CCGs
          • Published quarterly

            Medicines Optimisation Practice Profiles:

            • Potential savings that practices could achieve from changes in prescribing
            • Supporting notes are available to accompany the prescribing changes
            • We're currently in the process of updating the list of changes as part of an annual review of this report.
            • Published quarterly

              Key Performance Indicators:

              • Summaries on how CCGs are performing against a range of prescribing aspirations
              • Published monthly

                Mental Health Prescribing Indicators:

                • Summaries on how Mental Health Trusts, CCGs and the combined Health Economies are performing against seven prescribing indicators
                • Published quarterly

                  Good Practice Days:

                  • For details of past events please click here
                  • 2 per year